Moving Edges of Gestalt Psychotherapy

Fields and strategies of application

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The Congress event schedule

The Congress will be held from 21st to 24th September 2023 in Malta. The program includes plenary lectures, workshops and discussions.

The views and opinions expressed in the presentations and workshops are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the EAPTI-GPTIM Higher Education Institution Malta and the EAPTI-GPTIM NETWORK.

The EAPTI-GPTIM Higher Education Institution Malta and the EAPTI-GPTIM NETWORK as organizers of the congress reserve the right to modify the congress program if necessary.

Congress activities will be held at the Conference Center – Hilton Malta, St Julian's, in the following halls:


1. Grand Master's Suite

2. Vilhena (level 6)

3. Wignacourt (level 6)

4. Spinola Suite (level 5)


and, at the Conference rooms of the Cavalieri Art Hotel, St Julian's:


5. Olympia (level 8)

6. Babylon (level 8)

7. Apollo (ground level)


(the distance between these two hotels is about 300m)

On the first day, 21.9.2023, registration and an opening ceremony with reception are planned.


On the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of September 2023, morning plenary lectures for all participants will be held in the period from 10:00-13:30 in the:

Grand Master's Suite – Conference Center - Hilton Malta, St Julian's


In the afternoons of the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, from 15:00-19:30 (after the lunch break), lectures, workshops, and seminars will be held in the six halls listed above.

The details of the program will follow soon.




What can I expect from this Congress?

Presentations from various presenters, inspiration and motivation for your professional activity, personal contribution to the theme of the congress trough active participation, connection with the new colleagues, experience of Malta.

How long will the registration be open?

Official registration will be open from:

1st May 2022 to 30th June 2023 via the website of the Congress:

Online application is required. Upon successful registration, you will be contacted by the Congress Agency which will send you a confirmation and the invoice for the registration fee, and the methods of payment.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers participation in the Congress activities, coffee breaks and cocktail for participants.

When is the deadline for submitting the abstracts?

The deadline for submitting the abstracts is 1st May 2023, via the abstract form on the Congress website. Abstracts which are sent after the 1st May 2023, will not appear in the book of abstracts.



In which Time Zone will the Live Prime Time Congress run?

Central European Standard Time.

How can I request technical support and ask congress related questions?

Please send your request to:

How is the access to the virtual platform restricted?


Will it be possible to get credits for the Congress?

Yes. All participants will receive a certificate of participation at the Congress: the students of the EGN will acquire 30 hours of training in subject Theory and methodology of Gestalt therapy, and the graduate therapists and other participants will acquire 30 hours of continuous professional development.

Will a certificate of attendance be available?

Yes. Each participant will be awarded a certificate.

Is there a simultaneous translation?

No. The Congress will be held in English without translation.

Whom shall I contact if I need help or have a question?

Please send you request to following email:


Is there an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers?

Will there be a poster session?

Where do I find the abstracts book?

Program of the Congress will indicate when is the time for the questions and answers for particular speaker.

At the reception of the Congress Hall.



Can I chat or have a video call with other participants?

How can I interact with speakers?

Zoom platform has this option.

Please use Zoom Reactions: Raise Hand and you will be invited by the speakers.



Is there an online participation policy?

In case of health issues please use the following number: 112.

Participants will get a certificate of attendance, which can be used for training purposes or personal development hours.

  1. Attendance is expected for total activity;

  2. Log in 10 minutes before the commencement of the chosen Congress activity. This will give enough time for any technical difficulties to be mitigated should the need arise. Late log in interrupts the activity you are joining;

  3. Cameras are switched on during attendance taking and for the whole duration of the activities;

  4. Microphones are switched off during presentations and workshops. Microphones can be swished on during Question and Answers time by activating the Zoom reactions: Raise Hand and getting the permission of the presenter;

  5. Organisational committee does not take responsibility for the material participants would have missed for the activities that they were absent for; 

  6. During online sessions, no audio or visually recorded recordings may be permitted by either party, i.e., the lecture or the students. Failure to comply with this clause may result in GDPR non-compliance. 

  7. Failure to abide by these online attendance regulations may lead to expulsion from the activity of the Congress.

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About Us


EAGTI-GPTIM was founded in 1996 by Lidija Pecotic, with the aim of providing professional training in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Over the years, it has grown into a Higher Education Institution based on academic and experiential learning. In teaching, learning and practicing psychotherapy, a holistic, client-centred, dialogic and contextual approach is central to the institute’s values and philosophy, whereby the focus is on the total person as an individual and in relation to others. The EAPTI-GPTIM is fully recognised and officially accredited as a Higher Education Institution by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). The institute is licensed to deliver and award programmes which lead to qualifications classified at Level 7 and Level 8 (Malta Qualification Framework (MQF) and European Qualification Framework (EQF)). Moreover, it is accredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and the European Association of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).


EAPTI-GPTIM Network or EGN was established in 2018 as the result of the unique relationship of mutual trust, friendship, respect and support between Dr. Pecotic and her original group of colleagues, who are now head of the various institutes in the different countries, or their senior practitioners.

EAPTI-GPTIM Network or EGN was established in 2018 as the result of the unique relationship of mutual trust, friendship, respect and support between Dr. Pecotic and her original group of colleagues, who are now head of the various institutes in the different countries, or their senior practitioners.

Organizational Committee

Lidija Pecotic, Ph.D.


Joyce Sciberras, MA


Mikela Gonzi, MA


Rose Galea, MA


Aaron Azzopardi


Peter M. Farrugia, MA


Charles Cassar


Emilija Stoimenova Canevska, Ph.D.

R.N. Macedonia

Sanela Selmanovic Podrug, MSc

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Margareta Mesic, MSc


Filip Stefanovic, MSc


Valentina Relkovic


Anica Dudvarski, MA


Nina Kolanović, MA


Elvira Duraković-Belko, PhD

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bertram Müller, Clin.Psych.


The 5th International Interdisciplinary Gestalt Congress will be held in Malta between 21st and 24th September 2023. The topic of this congress will be “Moving edges of Gestalt psychotherapy – Fields and strategies of application.” We are proud to be hosting Gestalt practitioners and practitioners from various fields, writers, researchers, and participants from many different professional and cultural backgrounds. This event is organized by the European Accredited Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta, EAPTI GPTIM (MFHEA 2014-FHI-020).


EAPTI GPTIM holds several academic programs through collaboration with various Gestalt centres, which form part of the EAPTI GPTIM Network (EGN). The EGN now regularly organizes these events, which provide a platform on which modern

achievements in the development of Gestalt psychotherapy are presented and discussed by various presenters. We believe that these eminent experts in the field will contribute to the formation of new psychotherapists and provide continuous professional development for already established psychotherapists by discussing their experience, work, and research. For all other participants, we believe that the experience at the congress will be an inspiration in further work.


We look forward to meeting you there.


Conference Center – Hilton Malta and Cavalieri Art Hotel, St Julian’s, Malta​


Thursday to Sunday
21st – 24th September, 2023

Congress will offer you the choice to attend in person or opt for the fully broadcasted format if you prefer to attend virtually.


We invite you to contribute to the creative work

Call for proposals




The last day for registration to V International Interdisciplinary Gestalt Congress is 30 June 2023.

Participation in the Congress

Get together cocktail

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1 JAN - 30 APRIL 2023

AFTER 1 MAY 2023

EGN members

(EAPTI: GPTIM, SEB, GIS, Psihointegrum, Psihika and AGP Montenegro)

Offer: €150


Participation in the Congress

Get together cocktail

Coffee Breaks

Certificate of participation



1 JAN - 30 APRIL 2023

AFTER 1 MAY 2023

NON-EGN members

Offer: €150


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The Congress is supported by:

Scientific Board

Lidija Pecotic, Ph.D.

Emilija Stoimenova Canevska, Ph.D.

Aleksandar Prnjat, Ph.D.

Ivana Vidakovic, Ph.D.

Mira Klarin, Ph.D.

Elvira Durakovic-Belko, Ph.D.

Joyce Sciberras, MA

Mikela Gonzi, MA

Rose Galea, MA

Vesna Vuksa, MA

Sanja Bratina, MA

Bertram Müller, Clin.Psych.

Technical Support

Srdjan Dzivdžanović

Vesna Vuksa, MA

Vili Stoilova

Manuel Schembri


The Fifth International Interdisciplinary Gestalt Congress:

Fields and strategies of application