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III International Interdisciplinary Gestalt Congress


Exploring Authenticity, Creativity, Competence

and Responsibility of the Profession

12-15 September 2019, Skopje, Macedonia

Exploring Authenticity, Creativity, Competence and Responsibility of the Profession

We invite you to contribute to the creative work and success of the Congress with your presence and active participation.

Keynote Speakers

Sandro Spiteri

Dr Sandro Spiteri is a member of the Quality Assurance Committee of EAPTI-GPTIM. He has presented, published and/or consulted in Malta and internationally on family literacy, the teaching of writing, parental leadership, educational policy and quality assurance. He developed Malta’s national quality assurance systems for both compulsory as well as further and higher education, and authored its National Quality Assurance Framework for the latter. He is now Senior Executive for quality matters at the University of Malta, where he also lectures on governance, program evaluation, quality assurance and educational policy. Sandro regularly leads external quality audits in further and higher education.

Joyce Sciberras

Joyce Sciberras is a Gestalt psychotherapist presently working in private practice, as well as a supervisor and teacher at the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta. She trained as a social worker at the University of Malta, later obtained a post graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy from GPTIM and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Birmingham University.

Bertram Müeller

Bertram Müeller Dipl. Psych. works as a Gestalt psychotherapist in private practice in Düsseldorf and as Gestalt trainer and Supervisor in Germany and in several European countries like: Malta; Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Netherland and Russia. He has academic degrees in Philosophy, protestant Theology (1972) and clinical Psychology/ Psychotherapy (1981). He trained since 1973 in Gestalt Therapy in Europe and USA with Ischa Bloomberg, Erv and Miriam Polster, Bob Martin and Isadore From (from 1977-1982). He was Co-founder of the “Institute for Gestalt therapy Düsseldorf” (IfG), the founding Vice-President of the “German Ass. of Gestalt Therapy” (DVG), and president of the “German Otto Rank Ass”. (DORG). He was the founder and artist director (1979-2013) of the International Tanzhaus NRW (The Dancehouse of Northrhein/Westfalia),as well first President of the European Dance house Network (EDN) He was honored a.o. with the “Chevalier des Art et des Lettres” (1991) by the French Minister of Culture: Jaques Lang, and with the National, and received “German Dance Price 2014.He published articles on: Gestalt diagnosis; Gestalt methodology; Gestalt education and coaching; as well as on concepts of the Will by O. Rank and in Gestalt therapy; about the teachings of Isadore From as well as on artist and cultural development.

Elena Ilieva

Elena Ilieva is a Bulgarian psychologist and Gestalt therapist. Since the early 1990s, she has been living in South Africa. Alongside with her private practice there as a counsellor and Tomatis method practitioner, she dedicated time, skills, and energy to several NGOs, e.g. the Triangle Project, Nicro Woman Support Centre, and Coma Care. Since 2006, Elena Ilieva is a facilitator and later, trainer and supervisor in Systemic Family Constellations; since 2016, she is a Gestalt therapist. Elena has not severed her connection to her country of origin. Wanting to put her knowledge and South African contacts in use, she has founded two training institutions in Bulgaria: Family Constellations Bulgaria (2008) and the Bulgarian Institute for Gestalt therapy (2012). In the last ten years, she commits ever more time to the establishment of these institutions in line with the European training standards, adding new tools and working paradigms to the palette of therapeutic services in Bulgaria.

Mira Klarin

Mira Klarin is a tenured professor on the Department of Pedagogy in the Zadar University, where she teaches Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Communication, Family and Parenthood. She participated in several national and international professional and scientific projects. Her scientific interest is directed towards the area of study of socializing factors in context of development. Lately she is studying human relations, their development and the possible changes. She has completed her education for Gestalt Psychotherapist and she leads the Student Counseling at the University. She is author and co-author of around fifty scientific and professional papers and book chapters. She has received an award from the Croatian Psychological Society for the scientific published paper "Development of children in social context - parents, peers, teachers context of development of children", in 2006. She is a member of the Croatian Psychological Chamber, International Society for Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection and European Association for Gestalt Therapy.

Ceylan Das

Prof. Dr. Ceylan Das is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She is both giving lectures in the psychology departments of Universities for years and she also has her private practice. She works with individuals, couples as well as groups. She started her Gestalt therapy training with Metanoia, England and continued with different Gestalt Institutes in the Europe and the USA. She is the president of the Turkish Gestalt Therapy Association and the editor of Contact: Gestalt Therapy Journal. She is the writer of Integration and Growth: Gestalt Therapy book both in Turkish and in English.

Charles Cassar

Charles Cassar has been a practicing Gestalt psychotherapy in private practice as a registered Maltese and European certified psychotherapist for the past eighteen years. For the past fourteen years, he has been the Chair of the NUOC within the EAP (European Association of Psychotherapy) and a Member of the Executive Committee of EAP. He has lately been elected as Vice President/President Elect of the EAP. He has held the position of President for the Malta Association of Psychotherapists (MAP) for the past eighteen years, to date. As President of MAP he has been actively and strongly engaged in lobbying for legislation which would regulate the profession. After graduating with an honours degree in psychology, Charles went on to pursue a diploma and eventually a Masters’ degree in Gestalt psychotherapy.

Nada Pop-Jordanova

Academician Nada Pop-Jordanova was born in Skopje (1947) where she graduated Medicine and Philosophy (Psychology). She is specialist pediatrician and subspecialist for gastroenterohepatology. Special interest of her activities were psychosomatic diseases and as a result she organized the special department for their treatment at the Pediatric clinic. She is a pioneer in Biofeedback/Neurofeedback methodology and Quantitative mapping of brain function in this region. All lifetime she was engaged at the Pediatric clinic in the treatment of children and solving their problems in the everyday life. As a tenured professor she was a teacher for Pediatrics, Medical psychology, Medical Ethics, Neuropsychology, and Developmental psychology at Faculties for Medicine.

Peter Schulthess

Peter Schulthess works in private practice in Zurich, Switzerland, since 1976. He teaches Gestalt therapy in Switzerland and several other countries, such as Germany, Macedonia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Bolivia, Russia, China, Serbia and Malta.

Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja

Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja is a neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist and Ph.D. of Psychiatry (University of Zagreb, Croatia). She is world renowned and respected psychiatrist, subspeciality of child and adolescent Psychiatry. She was full professor of University of medicine and University of education and rehabilitation science till retirement. She deserved highly recognition with her professional achievements. One of the founders of the first Center for Autism in Zagreb 1985, in Croatia, then Center for Mental Health and psychological trauma of children in the Children′s Hospital »Klaićeva«. She was at the head of the national Center for psychological trauma, Department of Psychiatry and the reference center of the Ministry of health for disorders caused by stress. She founded private Psychiatric Policlinic Kocijan – Hercigonja, and is a president of the EIATCYP, and Croatian association for children and adolescent psychotherapy, Institute CYF. She leads trainings in Integrative Psychotherapy and Child and adolescent Psychotherapy.

Konstantinidou Antonia

BSc in Psychology, MSc in Social & Clinical Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Trainer, and Supervisor. Affiliations: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Gestalt Foundation, Greece; Association of Greek Psychologists, H.A.G.T. (Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy – founding member, ex- president), E.A.G.T., E.A.P.; E.C.P. & EuroPsy Holder.Birth, 1969 in Thessaloniki, Greece. 27 years of private practice in psychotherapy with individuals and groups. For 20 years works as Gestalt Therapy trainer and supervisor. Co-founder of Training Institute “Gestalt Foundation". She conducts lectures and workshops with topics such as: mindfulness, diagnosis, psychopathology, and supervision in the context of Gestalt Therapy.

Renè Camilleri

Renè Camilleri was born in Malta in 1953. He is a Catholic priest, PhD in Theology, and has been teaching Systematic Theology at the University of Malta since 1984. Main areas of research: Faith and Culture, History of Religions, Belief in a postmodern frame of mind.

Giovanni Salonia

Psychologist, psychotherapist and theologian. Graduated in Gestalt Therapy (E. and M. Polster, I. From, J. Zinker), trained in Client Centered Therapy (H. Franta), Family Therapy (M. Kirschenbaum - C. Gammer), Bodytherapy (G. Downing). Former Professor of Social Psychology at the LUMSA University of Palermo; formerly Full Member of the Institute of Gestalt Therapy of New York (NYGT), former Visiting Professor at Southern Connecticut State University (USA), he was President of FISIG (Italian Federation of Gestalt Schools). Lecturer at the Pontifical University Antonianum (Rome) and School of Specialization in Psychiatry at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. Scientific Director of the School of Specialization in Gestalt Psychotherapy of the Institute of Gestalt Therapy hcc Kairos (Venice, Rome, Ragusa) and of the II level Masters with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome He has written several books, including: Sulla felcità e dintorni (About happiness and surroundings), Dance of the chairs and dance of the pronouns and, as a co-author, Devo sapere subito se sono vivo (I must know immediately if I am alive) and The moon is made of cheese, I come Invidia (I like envy), La vera storia di Peter Pan (The true story of Peter Pan) end others which deal with both anthropological and clinical issues. He has also written numerous contributions from the Gestalt clinic published in articles and chapters of Italian and foreign scientific texts.


Olivera Cirkovic

Dr Olivera M. Cirkovic is pediatrician and Master in gestalt psychotherapy ( She is the founder and director of Beomed, private practice in Belgrade ( Her special success is the organization that she found and lead (Medical Advanced Projects – MAP, In 2016 she became a member of Successful People of Serbia (published by Oxford Book Media Solutions Ltd.). In 2017 she created online course Introduction to Gestalt Therapy for Link Group. Her book Looking for a Cure and I find myself has been published in March 2018. During her work in international and national associations and NGOs she was a member of teaching teams, with specific role in training medical students for work in specific fields (elderly, children, palliative care, etc.).

Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska

Mirjana J. Stojanovska, PhD in Psychology. Founder, main Trainer and Supervisor in the School of Psychodrama AMIGDALA. Assistant Professor at the MIT University, faculty of Psychology –Skopje RNM. President of the Chamber of Psychology of NRM. She is a Gestalt therapist member of EAGT and Supervisor for psychotherapy certificated from Gestalt Center, London.

Margareta Mesić / Alan Medić

Margareta Mesić, clinical psychologist is a director of Psihika Ltd (EAPTI) – European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute – Psychotherapy, Educational and Consultation Center, Zadar. She is running the Institute since 2007 in cooperation with Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute Malta (GPTIM)and Gestalt Studio Belgrade.From 2011 trainer in gestalt therapy. In 2013 became a University Specialist in Supervision for Psychosocial Work. Attendant at PHD studies of social work. 

Alan Medić is a physician, certified geshtalt psychotherapist, certified associate teacher (Psihika d.o.o and GPTIM) for a basic program, head of the Epidemiology Department of the Zadar Public Health Institute, a docent at the University of Zadar at the Department of Health Care. A senior instructor is Aikido.

Zvjezdana Savić / Slaviša Savić

Zvjezdana Savić · Certificate Gestalt psychotherapist · Psychodrama psychotherapist · Leader of systematic constellation · Bachelor in Psychology · 10 years of working experience in psychotherapy field (Youth, Couples, LGBTQ populations, Person living with HIV/AIDS, Adults, Leading Groups,etc.) She held European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) certificate and European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP); member of EAGT and EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy) She is regular member of EATG (European AIDS Treatment Group)- · Member - Association of Union of psychotherapist in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Slaviša Savić · Certificate Gestalt psychotherapist · Bachelor in Philosophy · 10 years of working experience in psychotherapy field (Adults, Couples, Leading Groups, Youth, Workshops, etc.) · Member - Association of Union of psychotherapist in Bosnia and Herzegovina · Supervisor in training with Senior Teacher Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb.

Valjdete Adili Selimi

Valjdete Adili Selimi, graduated psychology at "University St. Cyril and Methodius” Faculty of Philosophy-Institute of Psychology Skopje, Macedonia, MSc in the field of creativity at Faculty of Philosophy – Institute of Psychology Skopje; graduated psychotherapist at Gestalt Institute Skopje and graduated couple therapy in Gestalt Studio Beograd. Works as school psychologist in high school “Drita”- Kichevo; teacher of basic personal growth gestalt group and has a private practice as gestalt therapist. She works mostly with young adults, high school students, bullying victims and domestic violence in main issues like: trauma, process of separation, lost and grieving, adaptation, depression, anxiety, identity crisis, personal growth and development. She is also a long term Red Cross volunteer and a poetry lover.

Dragana Ilić / Marija Stefanović

Dragana Ilić, psychologist, MA in psychology and psychotherapy, gestalt therapist, teacher and supervisor, creator of the educational program module "Gestalt approach in couple's therapy".

Marija Stefanović, clinical psychologist, MA in psychotherapy, gestalt therapist, teacher and supervisor, creator of the educational program module "Gestalt approach in couple's therapy".

Marija Krivačić / Dusanka Jovanovic

Marija Krivačić is psychologist, International gestalt therapist, supervisor and teacher. She has private practice in Belgarade and is member of EAP and EAGT.

Dusanka Jovanovic MA is a Gestalt psychotherapist working in private practice since 1995 and a PhD candidate in EAPT-GPTIM. She is a member of EAGT and EAP and an associate in SEB Institute as a trainer, supervisor and psychotherapist. Dusanka is leading a specialized course "Working with couples" as a part of SEB educational programs. As a Gestalt therapist she was learning from famous teachers as Keneth Evans, Burtram Miller, M. McConville, B.& R. Resnick, etc.

Pavlina Mihajlovska / Marija Stojkoska

Pavlina Mihajlovska is a licensed psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist. She has 10 years of experience in individual psychotherapy and psychological testing. She became psychotherapist in 2009, a trainer in 2013 in the Gestalt Institute Skopje, working on group psychotherapy. She has held psychology workshops and training session for various groups of interest, focusing notably on work with adolescents. She is a member of MAP (Macedonian Association of Psychotherapy), EAP (European Association of psychotherapy), and EAGT (European Association of gestalt psychotherapy), and also has European Certificate for Psychotherapy, as well as European Certificate for Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Marija Stojkoska – Vasilevska, Master of Science, licensed psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist. She has 10 years of experience of working in private clinical hospital as psychologist and psychotherapist, concentrating especially on work with adolescents. She became psychotherapist in 2009, a trainer in 2013 in the Gestalt Institute Skopje, working on group psychotherapy. She has also held numerous workshops and lectures on psychology and psychotherapy. She is a member of MAP (Macedonian Association of Psychotherapy), EAP (European Association of psychotherapy), and EAGT (European Association of gestalt psychotherapy).

Radmila Zivanovic

Radmila Zivanovic is licensed psychologist and gestalt psychotherapist (EAGT/ECP). She specializes gestalt psychotherapy under the program of Gestalt Institute Skopje in 2015 where she is engaged at the moment as a basic education group trainer. She gains a significant psychotherapy experience while working with Emilija Stoimenova-Canevska, Lidija Pecotic, Ken Evans, Peter Schultes, Ruella Frank, Juliane Appel-Opper, Lois Holzman, Will Davis, Petar Kralev, Claudi Mochi, Karen Stagnitti and more. As a psychotherapist, she integrates a variety of different approaches in work with a variety of groups, mostly children and youth, families, and adults. At the moment, she intensively works and research the topics of anxiety and panic disorder, trauma and resilience, professional burnout and self-care practices while using mostly experiments, guided visualization, body awareness, embodied metaphors and movement in therapy process. She is developing her psychological and psychotherapy practice within a collective of psychotherapists of Psihoterapika, Association for psychology and psychotherapy. She is also a very active member of executive board of the Chamber of psychologists of Republic of Macedonia.


The Congress event schedule

The Congress will be held from 12th to 15th September 2019 in the center of Skopje. The program includes plenary lectures, workshops and discussions.

The views and opinions expressed in the presentations and workshops are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Gestalt Institut Skopje and EAPTI-GPTIM NETWORK.

Gestalt Institut Skopje and EAPTI-GPTIM NETWORK as organizers of the congress reserve the right to modify the congress program if necessary.

The Congress was organized by:


How long will the registration be open?

Registration will be open from 20th of January 2019 to 01st of September 2019 via the website of the Congress: Online application is required. After submitting the application form you have 7 days to do the payment. The deadline for submitting abstracts will be opened until 15th of April 2019 via the abstract form on the Congress website.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers participation in the Congress activities, "Get together cocktail" for participants and coffee breaks.

Do I receive a certificate?

All participants will receive a certificate of participation at the Congress: the students of the Gestalt Institute will acquire 30 hours of training in subject Theory and methodology of Gestalt therapy, and the graduate therapists and other participants will acquire 30 hours of continuous professional growth and development.

Contact Us


Metodija Shatorov Sharlo 8/1, Skopje, Macedonia


+389 78 350 763


Gestalt Institute Skopje was founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing professional learning of the theory and methodologies of Gestalt Psychotherapy as well as practical implementation, by focusing on the individual experience in the present moment.


Gestalt Institute Skopje from 2008 is recognised and accredited by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) and the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP).


EAPTI-GPTIM Network or EGN was established in 2018 as the result of the unique relationship of mutual trust, friendship, respect and support between Dr. Pecotic and her original group of colleagues, who are now head of the various institutes in the different countries, or their senior practitioners. The main function of the network is not commercial but an educational-professional one. Apart from EAPTI-GPTIM, all the institutes are independently recognised and accredited by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) and the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP).

About Us

Organizational Committee

Emilija Stoimenova Canevska, Ph.D.


Lidija Pecotic, Ph.D.


Margareta Mesic, MSc


Sanela Selmanovic Podrug, MSc

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Filip Stefanovic, MSc


Pavlina Mihajlovska


Ana Trpevska


Frosina Stojkovska


Ena Canevska, MSc


Jana Zengovska


Velika Stoilova


Melis Biliban, MSc


Natasa Madzevska

R.N. Macedonia

Slavica Biljarska, MSc

R.N. Macedonia

About the Event

As human beings we are often trapped in the maze of defining who we are, and even more so, how did we become that. These are both open-ended questions, naturally, since the process of becoming is a never ending one.

Carl Rogers in his unavoidable book “On becoming a person”, inspires us to think about the journey we are experiencing in the process of becoming a psychotherapist. And how it seems like we are always reopening the double bottom box, that reverberates a dozen difficult questions like:

What builds us into the unique professional that we become? What are our core values and principals that support us in the role of a therapist? How do we find our authentic voice? What builds our competence as professionals? Where does our creative energy reside, and how do we keep it free, flowing and vibrant? To what do we stand responsible on this path of taking care of ourselves and others in this ever-changing field of social, political and cultural organization?

We invite you to stand together in Skopje, to explore with cooperation and interchange, through dialogue and contact, while experiencing the place of melting of old and new while creating layers of different stories and cultures. Let’s enjoy the emerging of all possible answers, to these and many, many more questions.

Welcome to Skopje, where East meets West and South waves to North.


Home of the ARM


Thursday to Sunday
12-15 September, 2019

EU Countries


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We invite you to contribute to the creative work

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The last day for registration to III International Interdisciplinary Gestalt Congress is 5 September.

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